Ending Internal Strife



Can you imagine being able to create a state of inner peace that might even prevent bad things from happening to you before they appear in your life?  Or preventing illness by changing the thoughts that tend to bring it about? How about greater inner calm? This CD takes you to a higher plane in which you are in a position to bring peace to warring factions inside.

How many illnesses, how many life mishaps, are the results of our our own inner wars?
War has been a central metaphor for humans for many centuries. We are so used to the habit we hardly know how to stop. It’s in every fiber of daily life.  The reality is that what’s happening in the outside world is also inside us, and the reverse. Conflict is the paradigm we exist in. But war produces only more war and more thinking about war. 
What if you could step out of that reality tunnel? What if you found the place within that determines peace and war, for yourself? What if you create a new internal model that does not feature conflict?



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