Before Surgery



Listening to this CD in the days or weeks before an operation will reduce stress, and prepare your body, mind, emotions and spirit for the event. It will help you leave the hospital sooner and in better health. You are more likely to recover faster. We need every advantage we can get in the hospital environment.

Basic relaxation techniques, by themselves, are not enough. A surgery is a stressful and demanding body-mind event requiring preparation and training, like an athlete getting ready for a game. Athletes don’t just relax. They also train mentally and physically. A review of the research shows “that the best outcomes from pre-operative mind/body interventions are derived when the intervention involves specific ‘training’ of the body and mind.” 
Neil F. Neimark MD, Mind & Body: The Newsletter for Health and Healing, Summer 2002. 

Why listen to a surgery preparation CD?
Recent studies verify that listening to a properly prepared recording prior to surgery can bring about positive post-surgical outcomes in patients, including: 
1. decreased blood loss during surgery,
2. decreased length of stay in the hospital and 
3. decreased need for post-operative pain medication.
Additional benefits for many patients include improved wound healing and decreased anxiety.

A recent peer-reviewed study found presurgery hypnosis, including recordings, provides a significant advantage over patients receiving standard hospital preparation and care. They concluded:
“The results indicated that patients in hypnosis treatment groups had better clinical outcomes than 89% of patients in control groups. These data strongly support the use of hypnosis with surgical patients.”
The Effectiveness of Adjunctive Hypnosis with Surgical Patients: a Meta-analysis; Journal of Anesthesia & Analgesia 2002 Jun;94(6):1639-45, Montgomery; Winkel; Silverstein; Bovbjerg; Ruttenberg Cancer Center, Mount Sinai School of Medicine