My services


It is more than possible for all us souls living in human bodies to know and come to terms with our inner selves, emotions and thoughts, AND, by working in those realms, to resolve many real life difficulties. I’ve seen this approach work beautiful outcomes over 1000 times. Getting clearer every year.

I work with clients who bring a wide array of external issues – fears, habits, intrusive memories and images, physical illness.  because all issues move toward resolution when powerful emotions resolve and dissolve.  The important question is what drives the unwanted condition. 

To get an idea of the range of issues available and the kinds of results clients are getting, have a good look at the Clients Comments page.

Sessions with me are 90-120 minutes. In person in Eugene. Phone or Skype everywhere else. Both are powerful and effective.

 Each session is centered on the client.  The images and language are evoked from the client. Resolution comes from within, when guided. 

Some Specific Services

esolving Intrusive Thoughts and Memories

Stress, Anger and Fear Reduction

Surgery Preparation & Recovery

Life Balance and Happiness

Past Lives and Life between Lives

Entity Removal & Depossession

Tobacco Cessation

Weight Management

And anything that bothers you enough to want to change it