what clients say

 on A variety of Subjects


*Snake Phobia
Just had to tell you that I finally came across one of those”critters”.   We were hiking in Westfir and one was lying right in the path.   It was pretty lethargic in the sun, but one of the group got it to move and I actually STOOD there and WATCHED it go across the path and over the side!! I was as shocked as the rest of the group that I could do it!!  WOW!!   It feels so good to be able to be out on the trails and not be frightened.”     CS      Oregon

Hypnotic Anesthesia for Tooth Extraction
I am writing with a very, very, very belated though heartfelt thank you! I kept meaning to write and would forget and so I am finally attending to it. You were wonderful when I had my tooth pulled. The major discomfort I felt the day of the oral surgery (severe headache etc.) was actually due to a virus and when I was treated for that I felt fine. I had virtually no swelling after the surgery, bled very little and had very little pain. I healed very quickly. It was truly wonderful and I appreciate all of your help, support and expertise. Again, thank you very much.
AK Oregon 

*Short Story in Three Emails  
Tuesday.    J
oe, I’m very sick, mentally. I need help. My psychiatrist is treating me with various drugs and has been for 5 years now. The only peace I’ve felt was after seeing you. I’m the worst I’ve ever been. I believe I was brainwashed and am now suicidal. Can you help me.
Wednesday:   Having a really bad day. Maybe you could see me tomorrow after 4. I feel you are my only hope. I desperately need the loving golden light I feel from God and feel so empty. I keep thinking if I go to sleep, I’ll wake up and it will all be a nightmare, but over. I’m not looking for pity, but I need to feel better soon and I believe you can help me do this.
Thursday afternoon session
Friday Morning,
Thank you! I feel so good, healthy, peaceful and happy this morning. I hope some day to be able to do what you do for others.
PS It feels like He is with me again/all around me. My children are benefiting from it too.  
AA Oregon    

Difficult Situation
Hello Joe. Thanks for caring about the outcome. It’s rare to have this follow up. I really appreciate it. As far as how the therapy affected me, I would say it did have a positive effect. It’s like the thoughts are still there, but they don’t have such a strong influence over me. I can think of the situations we talked about, but they don’t have the same strength behind them. Although i am open to different therapies, I have to admit, I was not sure how what we did could impact a thought process I’ve had for so long. 
And as far as me looking for love in all the wrong places, you’re totally right. I know that. I need to save my energy for those that are deserving. 
If I was staying here, I would definitely go to you for some therapy from time to time. You’re good. Most therapists I’ve met aren’t. Weirdly enough, I left kinda wishing I had a dad like you. That’s gotta make you feel kinda funny…I could use a little good here and there. 
Hope you’re doing well. And thank you….
– JV Oregon

*Love Pain
Thanks for what you did for me. Today, at the very least, I’m not a basket case. There is still intermittent pain and whatnot, but now I have tools.
The best,
Frank   CA

*Three Years Constant Pain
Doing amazingly well today (Monday), working around the house, getting stuff done, walking without my cane and have not needed any Oxycontin since before meeting Friday. 
(Six days later)
Well, everything has been going great. I have very little pain. Even if I sit for a bit of time and get up, it is not painful but it has a bit of discomfort. Pain level about a 1.  I use the EFT about twice a day. I do not have to use the cane or any medications, as I don’t need them. Today I went shopping at Jerry’s and I walked all over the place and did not use a cane or push a shopping cart for support. This is the first time in three years I have been pain free. I thank you so much.”   
Jim L.     Oregon

I have tapped and cried until I got to a place where I could tap and smile. I’ll stop when I can tap and laugh.
Tonight: prostration, gratitude, vision for Christmas.
Like Jimmy Cagney said in that movie about the songwriter Cohan: my mother thanks you, my father thanks you, and my brother thanks you. And of course me. I’m eternally grateful.”
DR       California 

I can’t thank you enough for your contribution to my path.One simple yet profound tool you gave me has to do with sound. As I told you, I struggled with terribly difficult sleep and insomnia issues for about 25 years. I have added a lot to my list of “I’ve tried everything” over the years.
Extreme sensitivity to sound when trying to sleep, and mind-chatter were two facets of my nights. Every little tiniest sound would send my heart speeding back up, and I’d be alert and awake, and off my mind would go. It was exhausting.
Through your treatment you told me “You are an energy Being. Sound passes right through you.” So many times now as I go to sleep (without earplugs!) I hear that phrase, I take a few gentle deep breaths, the mind chatter recedes, and I’m actually asleep! Inexpressibly wonderful!  
LM    Oregon

Tobacco and Alcohol
Joe Casey saved my life.  I was a drunk and clove cigarette chain smoker and at that time didn’t care much. I was a self-abusive diabetic woman.  The time came when my retina became detached as well as multiple intense hemorrhaging of my eyes, which warranted many painful laser surgeries. My eye doctor (God bless him) told me I would go blind if I didn’t quit smoking. I wanted to quit, tried several methods, but didn’t know how. It became to where I could hardly breath  By the grace of God, my mother found Joe Casey. This amazing skilled gentle man literally transformed me into myself to discover when – why – who – how – I began and continued this deadly ugly habit.
In one session, I truly became a non-smoker.  Proudly, 10 ½ years later I am alive, a non-smoker, have survived two heart attacks, triple bypass, death from cardiac  arrest, almost lost my right foot, but still have 10 toes and can walk.  
Attention smokers:  Do you want to quit smoking but don’t know how?  First you must tell your brain it is time.  My recommendation does not cause suicidal thoughts or actions. It does not make you sick or seek a doctor’s interaction for side effects.
I was blind, but now I see (one eye) and was dead but now am alive, and am the proud grandmammy of four beautiful grandsons (8 yrs, 5 yrs, 3 yrs, 1 yr).  Because I made the choice to stop this deadly habit and seek the proper help..
Joe Casey, you saved and change my life. Keep up the God work. God bless.
Sincere thanks,
Sherri Larkins”

*Fear of Blood –  Working in ER
I was one of Kathy Hahn’s pharmacy students last May and I remember that you set aside an appointment for me to experience hypnotherapy.  I remember being skeptic, but open to trying to use the hypnotherapy session with you to help me deal with my horrible aversion to blood which resulted in fainting spells. About a month later I moved to Albuquerque New Mexico, which is were I am now, and I currently have spent 3 weeks as the pharmacist in the ER department.  As you can imagine the ER is not a place for the squeamish.  I have seen gunshot wounds to the head, thumb, and chest.  I have seen a 10 centimeter wide, and who knows how deep, stab wound gushing with blood.  I’ve seen people with bones sticking out of their skin.  I saw a procedure in which a surgeon used a hand drill to put a probe into the person’s brain.  I can’t even count the number of automobile accident victims I have seen.  This is just to name a few things, I can tell you that I am one of the least squeamish people in the ER.  I was very nervous before starting in this ER because I was afraid that I would become a patient after passing out and hitting my head.  I have experienced no such fainting spells and I have not even felt lightheaded through all that I have seen.  This is the first time in my life that I have been able to stand the sight of blood, bones and body parts and I think I owe the change to the hypnotism session that I had with you.  It really is incredible and I now feel confident working in a hospital knowing that I can help people no matter what the circumstances.
Thank you so much,
Nick Crozier OR & NM  

BTW, Thanks again for the private session last month.  We cleared up some underlying issues that had existed for a long time. My job is becoming more enjoyable, as I feel the freedom to get interested in technical stuff and the boys don’t rip it away (well, some are still learning the new me).  Other men, I think, like that a woman is around talkin’ science.  This is so much fun!
Thanks for being so open and candid with your remarks.  You showed a real lack of fear that was refreshing as well as inspiring
Yes, more self-assurance.  I’m enjoying a grown-up imagination (not just for kids!) and thinking of my heart’s desire.  For me that was such a strange concept.  Having fun with possibilities.
When I said candid, I meant “sex” and anything related to that.  Places I’ve been and people I’ve talked with whom I was paying to help me would get a little strange when the subject came up.  Some kind of mind-bender going on (oh my gosh, she’s talking about the S-word.  Is this a problem? Are we going to go to places that aren’t okay?).  Who really knows, but I think it might go something like that.  I admit being a little uncomforable, at first, until I knew I’d be safe… I had serious need to discuss these things.  Like anything–money, health, thoughts, poop status.  Our culture can be so repressed, get over it, people!  
So that’s what I meant about your being candid.  I never once felt judged for what I was saying, or what I’ve done.  You went on the journey with me and guided me through to its end.  That’s all anyone who “needs a hand” really wants.  Okay, I could keep going, about responsibility.   You didn’t take responsibility for ME, you allowed me to take responsibility for myself and my actions.  I own them.  This is another Huge lesson that I see all around me.     BG   Oregon 


*Freeway Driving – Intense Panic  
Couldn’t put it off any longer I guess so at 7 this morning I warmed up the old rig and skidded my way toward the dreaded freeway. Fog, ice yikes, maybe this isn’t such a great idea, oh what the hell got to press on. Much to my delight it was a wonderfully uneventful ride. Here, there and all over the place, even followed the de-icer trucks for several miles. At any rate it’s great to be able to get back on these roads, a big step in the right direction. I’ve also planned a trip to Portland over the break and I’m almost looking forward to tackling several of those big bridges. Thanks much for the help.
AG        Oregon

*I just never knew i had such playfulness and such lightness inside of me…and such freedom.  I have been carrying such burdens and darkness around…. It is like you popped the cork on my champagne bottle!  So so grateful!
And my children I know are being blessed with my changes…
Xoxo  LG Ohio